TR. 2017
Gesture based wearable MIDI controlle

          Real-time audiovisual performances have always piqued my interest. Apart from the performances themselves, I'm also curious about the technology that underpins them. Many performers improve their equipment as technology advances, such as by purchasing new software or devices. It's significant since it assists in the development of their individual tastes. However, these advances are not always cost-effective.

During my senior year, I attempted to research gesture-based input devices that are less expensive yet just as effective as others. Visdy is a wearable performance aid that allows you to have more control over video media material. It uses bend and accelerometer sensors to turn hand movements into commands. It communicates to a computer via Bluetooth, which is a low-energy connection method. It works with most programs in the industry and provides MIDI signals, so it doesn't require any additional software.