Not A Fashion Show

TR. 2018

Audio Visual Performance
Duration: 10'00"

         Rather than the words: approved or canceled we stamp the passports with YOU MADE IT.

Because we believe that everyone who passed through this journey has made it.In 21st century when chaos and political crisis’ are transforming the dream of Europe, reflect reaches the stories behind the walls and the borders. Rather than the facts and numbers telling us about the refugee crisis, we believe in the power of human stories.reflect embraces clothes as the surface which we carry on us throughout the journeys and reflects the stories of refugees with them again.

Instead of standing idly by the undergoing struggle of displaced people, we are reflecting this question: What would you do if it happens to you in the near future? Rather than being sorry - can we learn something from the stories of refugee people?Could we also make it?Join us on the journey.

Full Credit
Creative Director : Emirhan Akın
Visual Performance : Mertcan Seker
Sound Design, Performer: Eda Er
Performer: Ayca Ceylan