Landscape of Memory

DE. 2019

Projection Mapping 


“Past is a foreign country, and people do things differently there”

L.P. Hartley

                 While memory is one of the most important functions of human beings, it is also one of the most important capabilities that allow men to perceive and maintain their existence in the integrity of time and space. The general framework of memory, which is considered as an interdisciplinary concept is; experience, sensation, impression, and perception.

The general definitions of memory are considered, the common acceptance is that memory is not just the past but it can also be expressed as an overlapping of images, events, or persons stored in the past by associating them with those that will be stored in the present and future times.

Berlin and Paris are the two cities that had contributed to creating this project to be exhibited; Berlin Technische Kunsthochschule and Paris College of Art. The derives, which we did both in Berlin and Paris are the starting point of this project. During these experiences, we were blindfolded and directed by our team members which created some unique experiences for all of us.

There were also basic but important objects for us like a lighter, a coffee cup, or a scarf.Observing these materials were a little bit different than a regular experience because of our condition. Instead of observing their color, material, or view, the form was more important. These observations got connected with the deriving which we did and created unique memories for each of us.

Full Credit
Sound Design:Daniel Bande
Documentation:Yasemin Okday
Concept and animation: Mertcan Seker