Mertcan Seker GRPHC/VCD

    I'm looking forward to collaborate with you.   🙋🏻‍♂️

I am  a  Visual Communication Designer & 3D Artist  based in Berlin.

Using my designing experience, I develop visual identities, improve them using moving images, and experimenting with other mediums.

︎+49 1782062100

︎︎︎Updated CV

Work  2017-2019
Nohlab    2016-2017
Ouchhh  2015-2016

University of Applied Sciences Europe 2019-2021
Istanbul Bilgi University 2012-2017

Generic Graphics

Ello.coFeatured 3d artist
Design The Light - Coca Cola Light Print Design


Awhām Magazine

Recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Awhām Magazine on their fourth issue.

I designed the cover and made 15+ illustrations.

Special thanks to İpek 💕

3d Illustrations for Mudar Al-Khufash “Queeronomics; Neoliberal Co-Optation Of Queer Masculinities”

Graphic Illustrations for Janset Genel

Please visit the magazine's website for more information, and you can pre-order Issue 4 now;
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︎︎︎Releasing Event
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DE. 2021 Cover Design & Illustration



Visual idedity and music video for Jonah P.

Details are here soon.


DE. 2021 Music video, Visual idendity 


Un-V Graphic Notation

Graphic notation is the representation of music using visual symbols outside of the restrictions of regular music notation.
In this project, try to recreate a discussion between artificial intelligence and a human who have just met for the first time.

The upper part of the animation portrays more organic sound and visual forms, while the lower half depicts a more mechanical AI.

TR. 2017-Sound Design & Graphic Notation

Hyperborean Race

Full Credit
Concept and Composer: Eda Er
Visuals: Mertcan Seker
Violin: Secil Isiksoy
Violoncello: Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Keyboard: Sabina Kjoheava
Voice and electronics: Eda Er
Dancer: Ekin Tuncer

TR. 2018  Live Audio Visual Performance 


Bug.AR is a location-based augmented reality project that reflects Erfurt's energy development, over a Mural created by Artist Rosmarie Weinlich.

I was assigned to this project as a 3d Artist. I was providing asset sets that included 3d hard surface models, textures, and animations.
Starting with a key feature of Erfurt's cityscape, the Erfurter Dome, Krämerbrücke and more.

Full Credit
Director:Stefan Kraus
Mural: Rosmarie Weinlich
Unity: Carlos Serrano
3d Artist/Animation: Mertcan Seker

DE. 2021  Location-Based Agumented Reality App