DE. 2020

Dome Projection Mapping Performance

                  Euphoria- an audio visual concept which gives deeper understanding of human consciousness/inner-selfto create blissful rhythm with time, space and everyday life.

Largely human beings are just bundles of thoughts, Ideas, Opinions and Prejudice. This psychologicaldrama is mistaken for life. From an evolutionary point of view human beings are the most sophisticatedspecies on planet Earth. But throughout this time human beings are just striving to survive but not to trulylive in bliss.

There was a time when human muscles used to rule the community. Through evolution the power ofmuscle has been taken away by intellectual power. We live in a time where human intellect is ruling theworld. But what we must understand is that human intellect functions from memory a human carriesthrough his lifetime and beyond.Human Intellect dissects our memory to create a persona of who we areand the surrounding around us (i.e you, I, This nationality, That nationality and so on) and also how weare suppose to act which is loosely considered as consciousness.So, everything that we see or thrivingfor is function of memory and intellect, from our imagination to innovation in technology.

Now humans are moving towards the age of artificial intelligence, and if in future the intellectual power istaken away by machine/Artificial Intelligence, then naturally human beings will not have to work for living.Humans will not live only to survive but would want to go beyond that - state of bliss. Then that would bethe time when humans will dive deeper into consciousness and create a new rhythm. That will be the timewhen humans will truly be human beings - how to be.

One problem that is not taken care of in our human life is that -- the moment you identify yourself withsomething your intellect will seamlessly work towards protecting that identity-- either our species,nationality, gender, race, religion, caste and thousand other things. This is something that needs to betaken care of.

Full Credit
Sound Design:Fırat Erkus
Documentation:Estefania Cadena
Concept and animation: Rekesh Raj Pandey, Mertcan Seker and Estefania Cadena