Mertcan Seker GRPHC/VCD

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I am  a  Visual Communication Designer & 3D Artist  based in Berlin.

Using my designing experience, I develop visual identities, improve them using moving images, and experimenting with other mediums.

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Work  2017-2019
Nohlab    2016-2017
Ouchhh  2015-2016

University of Applied Sciences Europe 2019-2021
Istanbul Bilgi University 2012-2017

Generic Graphics

Ello.coFeatured 3d artist
Design The Light - Coca Cola Light Print Design




DE. 2020 Dome Visual ojection Mapping 

Euphoria- an audio visual concept which gives deeper understanding of human consciousness/inner-selfto create blissful rhythm with time, space and everyday life.

Largely human beings are just bundles of thoughts, Ideas, Opinions and Prejudice. This psychologicaldrama is mistaken for life. From an evolutionary point of view human beings are the most sophisticatedspecies on planet Earth. But throughout this time human beings are just striving to survive but not to trulylive in bliss.

There was a time when human muscles used to rule the community. Through evolution the power ofmuscle has been taken away by intellectual power. We live in a time where human intellect is ruling theworld. But what we must understand is that human intellect functions from memory a human carriesthrough his lifetime and beyond.Human Intellect dissects our memory to create a persona of who we areand the surrounding around us (i.e you, I, This nationality, That nationality and so on) and also how weare suppose to act which is loosely considered as consciousness.So, everything that we see or thrivingfor is function of memory and intellect, from our imagination to innovation in technology.

Now humans are moving towards the age of artificial intelligence, and if in future the intellectual power istaken away by machine/Artificial Intelligence, then naturally human beings will not have to work for living.Humans will not live only to survive but would want to go beyond that - state of bliss. Then that would bethe time when humans will dive deeper into consciousness and create a new rhythm. That will be the timewhen humans will truly be human beings - how to be.

One problem that is not taken care of in our human life is that -- the moment you identify yourself withsomething your intellect will seamlessly work towards protecting that identity-- either our species,nationality, gender, race, religon, caste and thousand other things. This is something that needs to betaken care of.

Full Credit
Sound Design:Fırat Erkus
Documentation:Estefania Cadena
Concept and animation: Rekesh Raj Pandey, Mertcan Seker and Estefania Cadena


TR. 2018 3D Modeling & Animation


Where do you belong?
TR. 2018 Poster Design

Over centuries, Society taught us belonging is an important issue for human being. This concept leads us to sometimes to a geographical place, sometimes to a community, and sometimes to an identity… Nevertheless, aren’t human being beyond these restricted instincts? What if we want to tell society about our borders, what exactly we want to say ? collective commissioned a solo violin piece with or without electronics from composers all around the world about the “belonging” theme. For this unique project, all 12 composers wrote special compositions and for these compositions visuals designed to share with you.
So : “Where do you belong?



TR. 2017 Gesture based wearable MIDI controller

Real-time audiovisual performances have always piqued my interest. Apart from the performances themselves, I'm also curious about the technology that underpins them. Many performers improve their equipment as technology advances, such as by purchasing new software or devices. It's significant since it assists in the development of their individual tastes. However, these advances are not always cost-effective.

During my senior year, I attempted to research gesture-based input devices that are less expensive yet just as effective as others. Visdy is a wearable performance aid that allows you to have more control over video media material. It uses bend and accelerometer sensors to turn hand movements into commands. It communicates to a computer via Bluetooth, which is a low-energy connection method. It works with most programs in the industry and provides MIDI signals, so it doesn't require any additional software.


Burn Electronica Festival
TR. 2016 Live Visual Performance

Electronica Event, Turkey's first and most innovative electronic music festival, has attracted over 150.000 music fans and over 600 performers since its inception in 2004. Prepared pre-rendered animations and performed live visual performance for this project.


TR. 2016 Book, 72 page, Plexiglass & 3D Print

Narcissus is said to be the most attractive young man in Greece, but he never finds anyone attractive enough to love. Then one day he walks past a pool of water and sees himself reflected in it. He falls in love with the mirror and tries to kiss it, but the ripples cover the reflection when his lips meet the water. He sits and stares at the reflection till he dies of thirst, afraid of scaring away his newfound love.

Reflections have always attracted public's curiosity. We tried to modify our faces by employing filters when selfies became our social media messages. Is it because we are unsatisfied with ourselves or because we are more courageous than Narcissus? From then, I began to research several virtual reflections in order to find the answer.


TR. 2016 Music Video


JPN. 2016 Audio/Visual Mapping Performance


RESET - VCD Student Exhibition
TR. 2015 Exhibition Identity Design


TR. 2016 Visual Mapping 

This project represents the epic journey of our five billion year-old planet on Cappadocia Zelve Valley using 3D video mapping technique. In this project, the animations are made by OUCHHH company, production is made by FIKIRBAZZENGER. It is the largest mountain surface mapping and also considering as the first one with the longest screening time in the world as long as it can be seen there for 10 years.

You can experience the world's largest rocky surface mapping in the mystic atmosphere of Cappadocia Zelve Valley for 10 years, which is the longest screening time for a projection mapping on the world.
All phases of Cappadoccia's history ; beginning with the geographical formation and topographical transformations are animated using video mapping techniques. The first ages of civilization when the nature was full of secrets that human race can not explore and religion was comprising almost whole life, from the Hittites in Paleolithic age till today are visualized working on the valley's 12.000m2 surface as canvas.

Cappadocia area is one of the most beautiful combinations of the nature and history in world. After geographical transformations are formed the fairy chimneys, people sculpted their houses, churches into them and decorated using frescos. In this way, the marks of their culture are conveyed till today.  Zelve Valley is a primordial area and it's known as the first place that Christianity started to spread around the field. There are monasteries, churches and human settlements.

The area has a geological structure and it has a great importance for tourism at the present time.

Full Credit:

Production Company: FikirbazZenger
Producer: Aşkın Elibol, Onur Umur
Animation Company: Ouchhh
Director: Ferdi Alıcı
Project Manager: Burcu Güçük
Project Manager:Kıvanç Aykan, Eylül Duranağaç
Lead 3d Animation: Orhan Sayın
3d and 2d Animation: Cavit Mert Köse, Efe Köse, Erhan Yıldız,
Firat Erkuş, Mertcan Şeker, Yagiz Mehdi Abbas
Storyboard: Yusuf Güçlü
Graphic Design: Atakan Işıksal, Tufan Kinas
Sound Design and Music: Audiofil (Alican Okan, Mehmet Ünal)
Technical Equipment: Astel
Technical Company: Visio-Vox
Special Thanks:
Ateş Savaşeri, Berkay Daver, Emre Kabak Durmuş,
Fethi Can Tüzel, Özgür Süzen , Selay Karasu, Sinan Duman


22nd WPC 2017
TR. 2017 Visual Mapping


Object 9
TR. 2018 Audio/Visual Mapping Performance

Energy neither be created nor destroyed, it only transforms into different forms.

Everything starts to grow from one little point, and this point triggers other forms to be one whole significant structure. In this project visual and sound interact with each other and transform into new energy which is embodied as a concrete object in printed 3d forms. The project is composed for Sonar Festival of 3 minutes animation and audio as a collaboration work of Mertcan Seker and Eda Er by and the printed objects are designed by Tridi.


HKG. 2016 Public Data Light Sculpture

Ouchhh has transformed Hong Kong's International Commerce Center (The ICC) -one of the world's biggest structures that has a Guinness World Record-breaking 77.000 m2 LED surface area- into an audio/visual performance using sound, lights and data with the project "CONNECT," which received Honorable Mention from City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media. Using NASA's open source data, the ICC's base terrain data and the building's star pattern map just above it, we have created a data sculpture that acts as a bridge between Earth and the sky.

The project has been awarded by the City University of Hong Kong.

Full Credit
Direction&Animation: Ouchhh
Director:Ferdi Alıcı
Concept Development: Eylül Duranağaç, Ferdi Alıcı
A/V Artists: Mertcan Şeker, Ferdi Alıcı


TR. 2016 4 Edition  Print

The Buruk series is a figurative expressionist project that shows human portraits and body created in arithmetic algorithms without perfection. Models deteriorating through various tissue deformations, additional objects, and scanning errors aim to try to look at the beauty concept of today's digital age from a different perspective.


Design The Light 
TR. 2016 Package Design

The Coca-Cola Company planned to organize a package design competition for the famous Coca-Cola Light container, which hasn't changed in over a century, after collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino. My design was selected to be one of the top 10.


Project 01
TR. 2015 Exhibition Identity Design

The festival, titled PROJECT, held between 31th March and 3rd April, aimed at strengthening the communication among the students who produce creative, innovative and pioneering works in their respective fields, diversify their works by enabling them to pick up new disciplines through such an interaction and reinforce their creativities by introducing the audio-visual designs of the new world to the audience following the festival.

VCD Lab team was founded under the responsibility of Instructor Ekim Erkurt in 2014. VCD Lab Team designed and applied the corporate identity and the spatial interactive signage system of the VCD section in PROJECT 01.

Full credit
Print Design: Mertcan Şeker
Title Design: Mert Tanır
Making of (Shooting, Editing): Özde Karadağ, Mert Tanır